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My name is Iwan

As a Mensendieck therapist (Bsc), I first worked in a Mensendieck practice for 16 years. During that time I treated many RSI and other work-related complaints. This was the reason for me to specialize in Occupational Health.In 1998 I founded Ergomotion with the aim of contributing to the sustainable employability of employees on an individual and an organizational level.

Muscle and joint complaints are very common. They cause pain, reduce function and have a major impact on people’s ability to do their job properly. These nonspecific conditions are often related to overuse, de-conditioning or excessive workload.

By understanding these factors and using the body as efficiently as possible during daily activities and work, many of these complaints can be prevented. In addition to insight, awareness and learning skills, this requires self-management and routine.

I have experienced that for many people small changes in motion, posture, behavior, attitude and environment can lead to great health gains.

In 2021, I started Mensendieck.org.
Mensendieck is for many people an unfamiliar name that sometimes leads to confusion.
A well-known Dutch anchorman Filip Freriks initially thought of Mensendieck as a sect when he was referred to Mensendieck for a frozen shoulder.  Although the name may come across as outlandish, the Method developed by Mensendieck has continued to evolve over the past 60 years and the results are highly effective and sustainable.

While at Corona I gained a lot of experience in providing online training and counseling aimed at preventing and reducing symptoms. Although in some cases it is certainly desirable to be treated by a Mensendieck Therapist in the Practice, online treatment often proves equally effective. It also saves costs and makes Mensendieck accessible to everyone.

It is my goal to help as many people as possible have a better health and  quality of life. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and skills to ensure that I can provide the best care possible.

I am temporarily offering the possibility for an online posture check up free of charge.

I hope to meet you soon!

Kind regards