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Low Back pain

Back pain is a collective term for various complaints of the back.

Low Back Pain can be defined as pain lasting longer than one day and localized between the 12th rib and the inferior gluteal folds, with or without leg pain.

Low back pain is very common. About 90% of adults suffer from a nagging or stabbing pain, with or without radiation to the leg and buttock.

In the majority of low back pain, there is no clearly identifiable physical abnormality, although there is often overuse of muscles or ligaments. In this case we speak of non-specific low back pain or non-specific low back pain. Because many low back pain symptoms are due to too little movement, back pain is also called a civilization disease par excellence.

Low back pain is usually caused by a combination of factors. These factors can be related to work and other activities as well as to the person himself.

Work-related factors in low back pain include:

  • Work pressure and working conditions.
  • Work posture. Physically demanding activities such as bending, lifting , assembly line work and unexpected
  • Prolonged work and sitting in the same position.

Personal factors that may influence the development of low back pain:

  • Body posture, build, body weight.
  • Stress factors.
  • Overall health and local (muscular) condition.
  • Dealing with back pain: Research consistently shows that the way a person deals with
    low back pain has an impact on recovery (although it has less of an impact on back pain as was
    previously thought).

Manage your pain and prevent future episodes. 

If you have Low back pain, we can provide you with information, advice and exercises focused on your posture and (building up) your daily activities. You will also receive information and exercises for the problems you experience with movement.